About Hevn

It isn't Hell.
The simple answer.
A tessellation of over thirteen hundred individual hexagonal segments. It is an intermediate step in the development of a detailed Hevn map and foundation of a 3-D topographical model.

Thank you. Please carry on.

Beyond an incomprehensible boundary, separated from the seemingly infinite omniverse, lies Hevn, a tabletop world alone in a deep, starless dark. A complex array of contrasting, often violently incompatible physics and cultures abide upon its face.

Only a handful of beings share the truth of Hevn’s creation and purpose. Significant among them is Shiric Mael’efac Lecoudas, the architect of the world and currently a prisoner upon it, albeit one who continues to wield a mighty technology, exerting God-like influence over his construct. Another is The Fayne, who has been tasked with bringing order to a chaotic environment while insuring Shiric’s imprisonment remains uninterrupted.

A stylized emblem suggesting Hevn's shape and the satellites that attend it.

Lord Shiric, known to some by the unfortunate antonym, The Oldest Enemy, wants his old life back. It’s an attainable goal; all he has to do is escape his prison. Shiric’s thorny problem is this: unless he is very, very careful, his efforts to extricate himself will break Hevn. If that happens, the resulting cataclysm will be cosmic in scope, an almighty apocalypse even he cannot survive.

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