Beaking Hevn: Book Two

Domains of Opposition

Chapter One - The Travelers

What The Watcher Saw

Tall wooden walls, stark white and unadorned, mark out a simple quadrangle under an open-beam ceiling. Late morning sun leaks into the space through narrow horizontal windows set high up in the eaves. Lower down, a couple panes of …



Brin is awake without perceptible transition, lying on a stone shelf with Narregan behind her. One arm is draped, sheltering her in his sleep. His breath stirs the small hairs on her neck. She shrugs his arm and pushes …


The Bones of It

Her nav signals its disconnect from the trac pattern and glides the vehicle onto a well-maintained surface road. She resumes manual and squints into the middle distance ahead for a glimpse of something she’s never actually seen before. It’s …


Crows Come Around

Cast your gaze down here, if you will, and see the lone figure whose trail leads him through forested hillsides. He remembers the smell of this damp earth. He’s been in this country before, at least two lifetimes ago. …


Small Worlds Collide

Recumbent in the van’s open side panel, a cushion between her back and the door post, Ruby is content to wait for the next scene in the unfolding mystery story her life has become. To go out seeking pieces …


A Warrior’s Perspective

When first I am awakened from that dreamless torpor to which we had abandoned ourselves, I sense time has passed, but not how much of it, and that beyond the stony vault sheltering us, the world has changed. It …


Tradition & Obligation

Jonas watches the uniformed man return to his sleek, metallic buggy. Its odd, wing-like doors close with a hushed solidity and the conveyance moves away under its own queer, whirring power. The dogs complete a couple exuberant revolutions around …



The images displayed are as sharp and clear as the best law enforcement recorders can generate under the circumstances and the burly brown bear peering over the shoulder of a somber technician is experiencing an unaccustomed level of anxiety. …


Chapter Two - LocUS

Chapter Three - Atoms Are Only Tendencies

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