Breaking Hevn: Book One

White Fist & Two Dogs

This was the beginning. It will be again.

A couple-three presidents ago, I self-published a first novel of the same title. This episodic overhaul is true to that vision with as many novice blunders filtered out as I can realistically hope to recognize.

I trust you will find it provocative.

Start here.

Chapter One - White Fist

Knocking On Helmouth’s Door

I am standing upon the edge of a sheer promontory overlooking Helmouth, waiting for the black sun to lift above the edge of the world. I am waiting for a sign. …


Into Helmouth

I have the sensation of falling. My descent is roughly the width of my outstretched hand, but I plop with a graceless, reflexive jolt into a resilient surface. It was a …


The Oldest Enemy

Two large spheres are laying on a worktable as I pass beneath another glowb, this one dark. Three smaller orbs rest on a nearby surface. They brace a squat thing bristling …



Perhaps for the last time, I breathe wholesome air and remove my Face. I am answered with a silence so profound I can hear my own heartbeat and the grating of …


Chapter Two - Two Dogs

In The Middle of Nowhere

Cast your gaze down here, if you will, and see the lone rider whose trail leads him through this long, winding, wooded canyon. …



There’s a place in your head where memories are packed away, like old photographs. Some of them are grown fuzzy with neglect, near …


An Unscheduled Reverie

Chapter Three - Far From Hevn

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