"Seems people still enjoy an engaging story, don’t they? As if the story they’re constantly making up in their own heads isn’t enough. Maybe it's too much. Maybe reality is only subjective anyway. If you think so, or if you don't, I have a story for you.

"What do you mean, what do I mean? About reality or subjectivity?"

This is only the end of the beginning. Start here. You'll catch up.

Domains of Opposition

This was the beginning. It will be again.

White Fist & Two Dogs

A couple-three presidents ago, I self-published a book by the same name. It was awful—a good story compromised by waaay too many words and not enough confidence in you, the reader.
Sorry about that.
This episodic restoration remains true to my original vision with as many novice blunders filtered out as I can realistically hope to recognize.



Smokin'-hot sale prices on my catalog of well-reviewed serializations.

What reviews…?  Move along.

A web designer, videos, merch, or a newsletter to which you can subscribe.

No Kindle, no cart, no checkout, no transaction.

I don't have a "DONATE" button either.


Speculative fiction. Words on a page. Deliberately arranged.

Interconnected story arcs presented in occasionally linear fashion.

The reasons for, the participants in, and the implications of an impromptu pan-galactic intervention.

Appreciation for your willingness to read this far.


Read. Scoff if you will. Adore if you must.

Read more or, you know, don't.

Let me know if something looks wrong. It probably is.

Remain hopeful. Be kind. Strive to be happy.

The simple answer is the least accurate.

What the Hell is Hevn?

Off-timeline vignettes, wild speculation, etm.

Chronosynclastic Episodes & Essays

Pan-galactic rest stop and natural wonder.

The Little Flower Ranch, Waystation & Vortex

You've gotten this far. Close the loop.


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